The Facts... 

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures that commercial and public entities provide access and accommodation for individuals including those who have from one or more disability. 

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are a series of testing criteria to help guide website owners in updating their current site so that it's more accessible to those with disabilities.  

Currently, the number of website accessibility lawsuits is increasing and all website owners are at risk for being sued if they do not demonstrate they are accessible to people with disabilities, this includes any website formatting, content written, images, video and audio.  

Our ADA compliance program will udate your website to meet the current WCAG guidelines.  

Whether you were just served with a lawsuit or simply wanting to prevent potential litigation, we can create a compliance solution for your website. 


The Department of Justice Is Now Backing ADA Website Lawsuits... 

Lack of Compliance is Considered Discrimination... 

You know that discrimination against people with disabilities is against the law, but business owners often do not consider what this means for their websites or their bottom-line.  

As an example: some of the 3.8 million people in the U.S. with visual impairments may use a screen reader to consume text in the HTML code of web pages. If text is not embedded into your images (using alt tags), this could render the content inaccessible to visually impaired users, violating the the Equality Act of 2010.

If your site isn’t compliant, you can be sued even if you didn’t know about the laws that govern ADA compliance. 

We make it simple for you. We run your website through our diagnostic software -- this generates code for your site -- we email you the code -- you simply copy and paste into the footer of your site. Save it and the entire site will be ADA compliant.  

Let us take care of it for you so that it only takes you a few minutes to copy and paste one line of code into your site. 

ADA Website Compliance Audit

Our in-depth audit software tests every page of your website, then code is created and provided for your webmaster to paste into your website.  

ADA Website Compliance Certificate

Once all of the pages in your website are ADA compliant, we will include a compliance certificate which will automatically load into your website allowing others to identify that your site has been updated and passes the WCAG tests.

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