Scottsdale Social Media Marketing

Our new, cloud-based software turns your Instagram story viewers into leads! (Even if you have no followers.)

Our team at Imagine Agency can create stories for you and turn every story viewer into a lead instantly without an opt-in. 

To answer your, this has never been possible before.

And we've taken "never-been done before" one step further. We can now integrate an Instagram Chatbot (we call it "STORYBOT") that sells, communicates and nurtures your audience.  

(Facebook has lots of chatbot options, but until now there's never been a chatbot for Instagram.)

We are excited about this groundbreaking Instagram technology.

Every viewer who views your story gets added to your lead list inside the software, where you can remarket to them. 

"StoryBot" is PURE GOLD and while there are some restrictions on how you can collect & treat the leads (to prevent from abusing the system and spamming leads) there is no confirmation, meaning every viewer automatically becomes your subscriber.  


(Even if you have NO FOLLOWERS!)

With "StoryBot", our Audience technology you can see the full name, email, phone, last message sent and popularity ranking of all viewers to your Story.  

Export your story viewers along with their name, email and phone number.  

You can reach out to them via email, contact them via phone later. Until 2020 it was never possible to leverage Instagram leads and traffic like this.  

Anyone can do this and get fantastic results. As you already know, Instagram stories are not only hot, they’re also a massive cash generating goldmine that can EXPLODE your business to levels you never thought possible.  

Get leads from your INSTAGRAM STORIES with new software from IMAGINE AGENCY in Scottsdale AZ

You'd have to spend $3k to $5k on Instagram ads month-after-month to generate the amount of leads you'll get from our service for a lot less and a lot faster.  

All you need is our cloud-based software "StoryBot" and an Instagram account. We plug it in and set it up for you. You post stories (or we can even do that) and sit back while the leads come in.  

Find out more about how our team at Imagine Agency can leverage the ability to capture the information of everyone who watches your Story so you can sell them your products or services.