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Successful Kickstarter campaigns don’t just happen.

They’re the result of marketing efforts that target the right audience and motivate them to back your project. 

We'll create a personalized marketing profile for your product, research the target consumer and put your product in front of them. (Banner ads, video ads, TV ads and social media ads!)

Our omnidirectional approach allows you to get your message on one of their devices -- then reinforce the excitement of your product when they see it several times on different devices and channels.

Your message can invite a customer to come to your Kickstarter page to learn more or take advantage of a special sale or contribute to your crowdfunding campaign.

Imagine Agency has spent years refining our crowdfunding marketing services. Let us set up a campaign for you.


Here’s a Kickstarter marketing case study on how Brau Supply get their Unibräu product funded.

Here is a case study on how we helped Brau Supply get the Unibräu all-in-one homebrew system funded on Kickstarter and on its way to overall marketing success.

First, we set up and developed social media channels, created content and created banners for display advertising in order to drive traffic to a landing page that captured email addresses.

We used our geofencing service called TRAKTEK that provides location-based advertising and marketing to prospective customers. 

Traktek Services from Scottsdale Arizona Imagine Agency Geo-Targeting

We set up geofences around bricks and mortar locations that offered a similar or vertical product and tracked customers who entered those stores.

After a few days when that customer was at home we showed Unibräu ads on their smartphone, tablet or home computer on every site they visited that accepts ads.  

This allowed us to collect a large email list of prospective customers while building up their social media channels.

Leveraging Facebook and Instagram...

Facebook and Instagram allowed us to target people who are innovative buyers that like to be the first to get a new product.

In the case of Unibräu, we targeted people who:

  • Had an interest in home beer brewing.
  • Had an interest in Kickstarter with a history of pledging to campaigns.

With just those interests and demographics, we had a remarkably targeted campaign to run ads like this:

Kickstarter Campaign from Imagine Agency

And Instagram ads like this...

Successful Kickstarter Campaigns from Imagine Agency

Campaigns were run with two goals in mind.  First, we sent people directly to the Kickstarter page where they would be exposed to the full pitch, anchored by this video:

However, knowing even our targeted audience wouldn’t all commit on an initial visit to the page, we also launched an email campaign to remind people as the deadline for funding the project approached.

Also, we used retargeting ads as we built out our engagement audiences so we could hit them with reminders to fund the project.

The project was successfully funded, the product was finalized and shipped, and Brau Supply is taking its place as one of the leaders in home beer brewing supplies.

Goal: $6,500 | Raised: $65,214

A few other successful crowdfunding campaigns we consulted on:

  • VAQUFORM I Consulting on traffic | Goal: $60,000 / Raised: $213,146 (Kickstarter 2018)
  • DRIVEBOT | Traffic and lead gen | Goal: $35,000 / Raised: $112,121 (Indiegogo 2015)
  • WAVE ELECTRIC BIKE | Consulting on traffic | Goal: $70,000 / Raised: $642,380 (Indiegogo 2015)
  • TITIN | Traffic and lead gen | Goal: $100,000 | Raised: $117,315 (Kickstarter 2014)
  • DISPOSABOOTS | Video prodction only | (Kickstarter 2018) - Video below