Marketing To People At Home...

Imagine Agency in Phoenix AZ Geofencing Households

As more and more people begin working from home, you still need to be able to reach them with your message...and we can do that for you!

We can target individual homes of those most likely to purchase your products or services.

Looking to target ACTUAL VOTERS? We can get your message directly in front of them

Recruiting? Put your message directly in front of the specific people you want to hire.

We'll create a personalized marketing profile of each person living in a home and layer in 3rd party data ---- then show them your message. (Banner ads, video ads, TV ads and social media ads!)

Our omnidirectional approach allows you to get your message on one of their devices -- then reinforce the excitement of your offer when they see it several times on different devices and channels.

Your message can invite a customer to come to a location to learn more or take advantage of a special sale, vote or apply.

Imagine Agency has spent years refining our geofencing marketing services. Let us set up a campaign for you.


TRAKTEK is a geofencing service that provides location-based advertising and marketing to prospective customers. 

We can set up geofences around a competitor and track when a customer enters that area.

Then after a few days when that customer is at home we show your ads on their smartphone, tablet or home computer.  

You can reach the right person on the right device at the right time with TRAKTEK geofencing from Imagine Agency.


Traktek Services from Scottsdale Arizona Imagine Agency Geo-Targeting
  • We draw a geo-fence around competitors or any location where your customers are. 
  • Track them everywhere they go and show your ads on every site with ads they visit.  
  • Your goal is to get the right information in front of the right audience at the right time. Smartphone users check their phones 150 times per day.  
  • Imagine showing your ads and offers as they surf websites, social channels and apps and continue showing your ads for the life of their devices. (Cell phones, laptops and desktops!)